Daniel Bennett, Inventor

Daniel started installing carpet at age 15 years of age.  He made this “SEAMER DOWN NOW!” invention while trying to install carpet faster so he could get off work early.   During the process of seaming, he did not like always having to wait for the seam to cool down.  This product and process will allow carpet installers to instantly stretch carpet seams as soon as they have been put together.


 The “SEAMER DOWN NOW!” is a vacuum device, that draws the heat out of the carpet seam after the installer has melted the seaming tape to put two pieces of carpet together.    It speeds up installation and drastically improves installation quality. The bottom of the “SEAMER DOWN NOW!” invention has cut out slits which allows it to slide with ease, even though it is placing tremendous suction on the carpet and at the same time it puts uniform pressure downward. The “SEAMER DOWN NOW!”process draws air up through the bottom of the carpet which then super-cools the seaming tape by the simple fact that when air is forced through a restricted area it becomes super-cooled. Both the “SEAMER DOWN NOW!”  Product   and the   Process   are fully patented.  Since inventing this product, Daniel Bennett has become a Certified C.F.I. Installer.  He is very active and involved with assisting carpet installation training seminars.



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